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Are the pieces seen on Instagram available for sale? If you've seen a piece on my social media, ask if still available. If the original is sold, signed prints might be available. I don't have an online store since I don't really keep a stock. Email me directly.

NEW COMMISSIONS - Let me know what you're looking for. It could be anything from a small urban vignette to office-wide mural. I am happy to suggest subjects, once I understand your taste. Email me with you preference. Please allow plenty of lead time (usually 2-3 weeks)... I usually work on 11x14", but the subject can be covered, on demand, for 16x20", 24x36", or wall size mural.

Limited edition prints? Yes. Most of what I do is available as prints, signed. 11x14 is most likely available with short lead time. I prefer to have my prints scaled 1:1, to match the size of the original. Pricing is listed below.

Photography - this is not a common request, but prints can be accommodated. Generally speaking, the sizes are similar to the drawings, as listed below. Same pricing, below. Email me directly.

Tattoos - apparently, this more common than I would have imagined... I don't think you should do it, but go for it, if so inclined... Yes, you can use anything from my work. No, I don't draw tattoos...


11x14" matte (7x9" mat opening) - $700
16x20" matte (11x14" mat opening) - $900
24x36" matte (19x27" mat opening) - ask
Wall size or murals - ask

11x14" matte (7x9" mat opening) - $100
photography or drawing

Pricing starts at $1000 for a custom project. Ask for availability first.


Volume discounts - definitely. I like to do my work as series, and I think it's better displayed as such... Grouping is better.

3 pieces - 15% off
5 pieces - 25% off
10 pieces - half price - do make sure you have a large wall...

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