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Why A Solid Tripod Is Essential in Architectural Photography

Manfrotto Italy was gracious enough to send me a tripod of my choice (thanks, Claudia!). I've selected the 190XPRO Aluminium 3-Section Tripod and XPRO Ball Head. This is probably one of the heaviest Manfrotto tripod Manfrotto offers. Do I need such a heavy one, considering that I am using a fairly light mirrorless system? (Fujifilm X-Pro2 as my main body).

This is probably not needed for the weight of the camera. Also, I don't do long exposure too much. But the most important thing is having a good way to accurately frame my subjects. In Architectural photography, this is arguably more important than photography nature or portrait. Again, it's accuracy! Also, the weights adds stability, really needed in outdoor windy situations. I selected the aluminum on purpose, will get a carbon fiber at a later time... One additional feature is the 90 degree option for the center column - see the photos above. I might use this in the future as part of my overhead shooting rig - basically, a camera support sitting over my table, pointing straight down at my drafting board. This is how I record my architectural sketches. I will post about this at a later time. 

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