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Philharmonie de Paris // Jean Nouvel

I believe this is the first building by Jean Nouvel that I am seeing. Probably because I've avoided Paris my whole life, where many of his buildings are... Philharmonie 1 is an organic design with innovative forms rising like a hill within the Parc de la Villette. Yes, it remains a Jean Nouvel design, despite his efforts to remove his name from the building. It is a little bit hard to digest, but we should not just walk away from our design, whether it turns out the way we envision it or not... his thoughts: "The architecture is martyred, the details sabotaged," he said in a Le Monde editorial, "so taxpayers will have to pay, once again, to correct these aberrational decisions."

Regardless, it has some interesting moments that are worth capturing. This is why I spent more time there than I should have. I think the texture that is being used to cover almost all surfaces works well with the overall geometry. I let The Guardian tell more about the design "Some have compared it to a pile of broken paving stones. Others, to a rusty spaceship crash-landed on the edge of the city." and "the building certainly seems to embody the anguish it has caused both architect, client and taxpayer"

It has been extensively covered on Archdaily, New York Times, Design Boom and many more...

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