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I got the LAMY ION!

I've been sketching with LAMY fountain pens for a few years now. I've tried several types before receiving the aion. I was impressed! It's a precisely engineered instrument, with the right feel in the body, but a completely new experience in nib, sound, and expression! Super smooth nib on both sides. I like the simplicity of the two ends - the designer decided to do nothing, but leave this as simple as possible - no trim, no rim, no edge - just a simple, smooth end. LAMY calls the finish "brilliant silk-matte anodic coating" which I like. It should hold itself well. Timeless.

Finish - brushed aluminum, simple and straightforward, no gimmicky ordination or colors.  Weight - we all have different uses for it, but somehow feels better balanced than the Scala. Definitely heavier than the plastic Safari, so this is a plus. Line weight - the M seems a little heavier than I am used to seeing. It works well in covering larger areas when it comes to solid black fill. Sometimes it helps with shading. I do like to use the fountain pens 180 degrees, for a much lighter line weight. This is smooth on both sides! The Nib - this is where I see a difference from all other nibs. It is smooth on both sides and makes a distinctive sound. I need to continue listening to this, try it on different surfaces with different microphones, but I do like this better than any other sounds. Additionally, this is rounder than usual. This might influence the quality and feel of my work, but I can only tell better after I do over a dozen sketches. I will likely use it for writing, but writing is probably just under 1/4 of my uses. 

One thing I noticed - the finish, "brilliant silk-matt anodic coating" does get stained a little when dipped into the ink bottle. I expect this to blend in, once the pen gets a little greasy. Thanks Lamy, thanks Franziska and Jessica from Meiré und Meiré!

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