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Dan Hogman is Teaching Again This Academic Year

Dan Hogman is back at the Academy of Art for the third semester this Fall 2018, as undergraduate faculty. This time, he is covering two courses:

LAN 375 – Sketching for Design Ideas, a class that is typically taken by the third-year students. What makes this class unique is Dan’s ability to do live show and tell demo sketches, where students are able to observe, participate and join the faculty in developing their own concepts.

Digital Media Workshop – covering illustration and 3D Modeling – as opposed to LAN 375, which is exclusively focused to analog/hand illustration, this workshop covers various digital techniques and software. This is open to all students, both undergraduate and graduate. Location: The Cannery, San Francisco.

Location: 460 Townsend Street, San Francisco

We will return towards the end of the semester with images of the final review. Meanwhile, see some of Dan’s artwork on his Instagram – some of the postings show work completed in class.

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