Always happy to endorse the products I personally enjoy using. Probably the first thing I look for when offered work as "social media influencer".

Here is an alphabetical list of brands I've worked with and/or represented in the past -





American Express

Bose - on my ears as I type this...

Cole Haan

Fujifilm X - my mirrorless camera system of choice

Lamy - daily choice of fountain pens





Sakura - my choice of markers/fineliners



Volvo - my current ride

Dan stubbornly insists that a good eye and good hand are key to good architectural design. An avid architectural and urban sketcher with a sizeable social media followup, Dan is focusing on “capturing the essence” of the subjects, in quick, minutes long vignettes. With a sharp eye for material and form and a passion for documentary and space, Dan turns every presence into a successful storytelling experience, whether photography, film or sketch.

Despite his random explorations into visual fields of all sorts, Dan always returns to his first love, architecture. Dan has created a track record of excellence in design across a diverse range of projects: high rise commercial and residential, mixed-use, housing, institutional and master planning, employing creative solutions that are efficient, contextually appropriate and aesthetically uncompromising.


Affiliations and certifications:

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)

  • Registered Architect (WA #10221)

  • NCARB Accredited (#72317)

  • LEED AP, BD+C, M.Arch (NAAB Accredited)

Formerly associated with various architectural practices in the US and Europe.


Social --- I talk little about myself - what I do is usually on social media, unless client confidential. I post regularly.

  • Instagram – (almost) daily visual journal. Short sketch videos.

  • Facebook – longer sketch videos. I occasionally do live videos.

  • Twitter – rarely interesting links to whatever I read.

  • Youtube – NOT a daily Vlog... will never tutorials, since I am not good at...

  • ElloFlickr500px – photography and more…


Get in touch, hire me, ask for advice, give peace a chance, teach me French, propose a story to cover, offer me a book, drink or plane ticket.

Email: DanHogman [at]
Location: US based, available internationally
Availability: now, YES!


Cheers! - dh