FULTON – A5 A1 // Agence Bernard Bühler

FULTON – A5 A1 / Agence Bernard Bühler - did not really plan for this photoshoot, but I was in the area. So I stopped by. Quite a colorful contrast, probably a little bit out of place regarding the historic context of the area, but I appreciate the boldness of the architects to express themselves in such fashion.

From Archdaily

"The operation is consists of a base superimposed by two towers of 11 floors separated by an urban breach. This plinth consolidating the project an a way alive along the Quai d'Austerlitz thanks to the presence of a projecting large commercial showcase. This screen offers a good visibility to the activities that it welcomes. This block to be extricating itself from the concrete base. It thus creates two accesses to the shops in continuity of a wide pedestrian area."