Lamy Imporium in Black and Gold

Although I am not a big fan of high-end luxury products and never owned anything that contains gold, I need to say that the Lamy Imporium in Black and Gold is a special product... I've used the Lamy Safari for many years, the white one is my favorite one so far, and I never felt the need to upgrade, until I was offered the opportunity to try one.

It's definitely a very well crafted writing instrument. Probably one of the better ones I've even handled. Well crafted finish in metal, black, with gold (yes, 14k gold!) accents - the nib, cap clip and the ring at the end of the barrel. The cap is threaded, a new to me, and the LAMY logo is in engrave just once, on the golden clip. This is the titanium version, designed by Marco Bellini. It also comes in all black or titanium finish.

It offers an extremely smooth writing. A little heavier than the usual pen, so this might be a negative to some. To me, the weight gives it a solid feel. Again, this is an extremely high-quality instrument, all metal, super cool and sleek. I almost feel bad for using it to draw, but I am gentle. Thanks, Lamy!


FULTON – A5 A1 // Agence Bernard Bühler

FULTON – A5 A1 / Agence Bernard Bühler - did not really plan for this photoshoot, but I was in the area. So I stopped by. Quite a colorful contrast, probably a little bit out of place regarding the historic context of the area, but I appreciate the boldness of the architects to express themselves in such fashion.

From Archdaily

"The operation is consists of a base superimposed by two towers of 11 floors separated by an urban breach. This plinth consolidating the project an a way alive along the Quai d'Austerlitz thanks to the presence of a projecting large commercial showcase. This screen offers a good visibility to the activities that it welcomes. This block to be extricating itself from the concrete base. It thus creates two accesses to the shops in continuity of a wide pedestrian area."

Paris Travel Notes

Paris in inspirational... a good listener. I am spending a good amount of time here doing plenty of sketches. A total of 50. I am not keeping them all. 12 are commissioned by a private collector. Another 10 are giveaways to my Instagram followers. The folks that seem to REALLY love them, get them. Out of the remaining ones, I am keeping some, I am selling as requested. Feel free to email me and tell me which one you're interested in.

Here are sketches 1-5 -

The San Francisco Chronicle Building

I've made two sketches looking at the San Francisco Chronicle building - Mission and 5th Street.

Music - AquaStoneThrone
Paper - Stratmore Bristol
Pen - Staedtler Lumcolor, black.
Pencil - Rotring Tikky 0.5mm, B2 lead
Camera - Fujifilm X-Pro2
Edit - Final Cut Pro X

Larry Sultan at SFMOMA

I was invited for a preview at SFMOMA for Larry Sultan, a highly influential California photographer I knew little about. I ended up walking the galleries four times - this is opening April 15. I made a little preview movie about this. (sorry about the sound quality, no external microphone attached at that time...)

Featured on Dezeen!

Featured on Dezeen, article by Dan Howarth. A few quotes: "Dan Hogman's architectural sketches "capture the essence" of their subjects" and "San Francisco-based Hogman's drawings give Architectural Graphics author Francis Ching a run for his money." Frankly, this might be a little overstated, so it's a sign that I need to get a little more disciplined with my work...

dan hogman on dezeen

The Sakura Micron Packages Are Here!

I was a commissioned to do a fee cover sketches for Sakura and Micron fineliners, featuring all the different pens and line weights that come with this set. They are here!vShould be available in art stores worldwide shortly. This goes to Europe, so we picked a relevant theme/subject.

Cover Sketches for Sakura Europe

The Pigma Micron fineliner from Sakura are some of my favorites. I’ve always liked the accuracy in line weights. Slightly too dry for my type of works, but steady line quality.

It was pleasant surprise to be called by Sakura Erope and commissioned two sketches for their 6 fineliner pack and 6+1 pack. These are covers (graphic design for Sakura). The products were released at Paperworld trade show this past weekend, late January 2017, in Frankfurt. —