I just got nominated for Shorty Awards in Art Category!

I just got nominated for Shorty Awards in Art Category!!! Vote for me here - http://shortyawards.com/10th/danhogman

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From Shorty's --- "There are not many architects who can claim over 50K views on YouTube, 60K likes on Facebook, 100K followers on Instagram, and 300K Twitter fans, but @DanHogman has accomplished just that. The architect, artist, photographer, and occasional filmmaker built his social media following by posting his sketches of buildings and streetscapes all over the world. The San Franciscan often uses his lunch break to sit with his pen and pad to illuminate a building or street corner that others may have passed without ever noticing its beauty. His impressive (and quick) sketches not only capture the essence of a place and a moment in time, but also provide a glimpse into his “feeling and state of mind.” It’s that immediacy that makes him such a hit across social media."

Source: https://www.danhogman.com/blog/

The Secret Sketchers at SFMOMA


I am part of a group of architects and artists presenting their work at SFMOMA. Register with the AIASF here. While there are numerous "series" of sketches that I can present, I decided to do a series of sketches that specifically explore the "Secret City" theme of this year's Architecture and the City festival - a series of quick street vignettes exploring the less visited parts of the city. All done in fountain pen, black in, Strathmore paper. Come for the show!


Sketchy Tuesday with the AIA San Francisco

Samples from past urban skething events.

Samples from past urban skething events.

The Architecture and the City Festival with the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco, is happening though the month of September 2017 - just like it does, every year. Here's the AIASF description of the event "Presented by AIA San Francisco and the Center for Architecture + Design, the annual Architecture + the City festival is one of the nation's largest and longest running architectural and design festivals. Taking place in San Francisco every September, the month-long celebration features behind the scenes, walking and home tours, films, exhibitions, lectures and more that address varying aspects of the design, planning and building process. Over 40 programs throughout the month provide an excellent opportunity for participants to engage with the local architecture community and experience design in a myriad of ways throughout the city."

I've been participating every year. This year, I am involved with organizing and running some of the programs.

  • Some of my work is exhibited in the AIA SF main exhibition space. I had a little preview here, in a previous post.
  • I will be doing a talk at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA) about my sketches, with a group of of other artists from the Bay Area.
  • I will be involved in Sketchy Tuesday, together with the good people at Arterra. This is series of 4 lunch time sketch session - just simple urban sketching with like minded architects, design professionals or artists. Register here to participate on session ONE. The remaining sessions - two, three and four, to be listed with the AIASF Calendar. Basically, every Tuesday at noon. Full calendar here.

Exhibition with the AIA SF - a little preview...

Dan Hogman Exhibition with the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco

Dan Hogman Exhibition with the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco

Here is a preview of two exhibits happening with the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco - AIASF, running during the Architecture and the City festival and through November 2017 --- "Through his latest series, "Secret City - Elements", Dan takes the approach of the street photographer to explore the less travelled parts of San Francisco - back alleys - with parts and pieces that don't necessarily have a visual appeal, but are critical "elements" in making the city work. This is a series of 20 urban vignettes, each of them done as a quick, 15-minute on-location or studio work. Dan purposefully omits details, textures and shadows, in order to focus on the quality of the linework, done with simple fountain pens and black ink"